The truth about motherhood

There are certain expectations we have.

They started to grow and multiply in my mind the second I found out I’m having a baby.

I must say, a great part of them vanished as soon as I’ve entered the “beautiful” world of 3-rd trimester…


Morning sickness, mood swings, sensitivity to everything, swollen legs…

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to freak you out here. I just want to show you just a little part of how it will really feelto be a mother.

I guess that idillic picture of my beautiful self wearing flawless white dress, flowers in my hair, sitting on a swing… isn’t supposed to be real. I was too swollen to wear anything but my hubby’s jeans. The smell of any flower made me sick instantly. And a swing… would definitely made me dizzy. I couldn’t even ride an elevator to tell you the truth.

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