The soup story

The soup story.

How to make them eat?

It’s an eternal question.

How to make them eat greens? How to make them eat the soup?

Here is our soup story.

Avi loves to eat with his hands. He absolutely hates spoons and forks. And he hates when I try to feed him.

And soup is not his favorite dish. Especially because he can’t really eat it with his hands. Plus it’s not that interesting. It’s boring most of the time.

It was boring until one of my friends reviled a secret of the best kids friendly soup ever :)

First rule of the kids friendly soup is: bite size everything.

Bite sized veggies and meat balls or pieces of meat.  Everything has to be comfortable to grab and eat.

Second rule is: more colors!

Food has to be attractive. More different bright colors and textures. For example purple, yellow and orange carrots.

Engage kids into the process.

For example, growing greens and spices on your window sill can be a cute science project. And every time you cook something, you all can go to harvest the crop. :)

The soup story

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