How to make a natural colic relief

Natural colic relief

It’s hard to watch your little baby suffer.

And it’s even harder, when you can’t help.

There is plenty of remedies on the market, though.

Commercials give promises. «Fast relief», «immediate relief»… Blah blah blah. I even seen one, where they made a video of the baby taking those drops and feeling better in a minute.


If you’ll try to research a little about what colics are, you will realize, that it’s nearly impossible to find something that will work so fast.

But on the other hand, you will also find, that there is really healthy and effective solution.

First of all, let’s get all this straightened out. What are colics?

I’ll just say one thing. Your babies’ digestion system has never had food before!

Starting to get it? No? Ok.

It’s simple. Your milk — is the first thing your baby ever eaten.

Have you ever noticed, than when you eat something completely new, it may result in upset stomach?

It all happens, because we don’t actually deal with the food we eat. But you probably know everything about microflora.

Well, it needs time to cultivate what is called gut flora (microorganisms that live in our digestive tracts) by getting it from mother’s milk.

And there is no particular remedy that will help immediately.

Also, as it was previously believed, that colics were connected to gas pains, most of the colic drugs still solve only this problem. But latest researches show, that gas pains are not common to all babies.

But there is something you can do on the long-term basis.

You may try to enrich your babies’ diet with probiotics.

What are those?

To cut a long story short, probiotics are some kind of good bacteria, that live in our stomach.

But please, don’t buy all that sneaky yogurt stuff with sugar and artificial flavors.

You’ll need to do it by yourself. Why?

Mostly because all milk based products contain antibiotics, which kill probiotics.

So, what we need are dry probiotics from your favorite organic health store (you already have one, right?).

But, in this dry condition they are kind of sleeping. And in this condition they are not very useful. Because as soon as they get into baby’s stomach unfriendly acid environment — they’ll die. But we need them alive.

Thus, we’ll prepare them.

All you need is:

1 oz of warm mom’s milk

¼ tea spoon of dry probiotic

Mix and let sit for half an hour in a warm place.


Once a day prior to feeding and in 2 weeks you’ll forget about colics.

In combination with soothing sounds — miracle will happen.


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