How to find an Ideal swaddling blanket

How to find an Ideal swaddling blanket.

My first month in New York I spent exploring kids stuff.
With this astonishing variety of brands and trends… I was so inspired.
But then I discovered that clothes can be harmful.
Shocking, right?
Have you ever heard that about fire retardant chemicals?
I didn’t too. Until my beautiful friends mommies explained me.
So, basically, Toxic flame retardants were found in 80 percent of baby and children’s products tested in a recent study. The most common: chlorinated Tris. Everybody seems to know that it’s harmful, but it’s still in use. It’s a completely separate discussion why.
Well, if you can avoid clothes till certain age, you can’t avoid swaddling blankets.
There are few very popular brands that are fully organic and somehow managed to avoid all harmful chemicals.
One of them is Aden & Anais.
aden&anaisSwaddling blanket
Of course, their swaddling blankets are fabulous. But kind of expensive. $50 for 4 pc.
So we kept on searching.
And we end up with decision of doing our own swaddling blankets. Yep.
That’s how you can really control quality and get better price.
We get our fabric in Ukraine. Country fully free of any fire retardant chemicals. And many other chemicals.
swaddling blanket
And we resulted at $5.
Not bad, huh?)

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