How to fight baby’s fear of water

Is your baby afraid of water?

My son was so bad, he was terrified by bath time.
I didn’t have a chance to actually realize why.
They say that for babies being in the water can feel like they have no clear boundaries around them, and this can be scary and overwhelming.
How to fight baby’s fear of water?
Anyway I had to fight it. There was no other way. Summer was coming. And I needed my son to experience the joy of playing in water with his fabulous friends. Thus, I started to research.
After reading tons of articles and trying a lot of methods here is what I came up with.
How to fight baby's fear of water

1. Never force your baby.

It will only strengthen the fear. And result into more profound and deep problem in the future. Instead of forcing your kid, try to introduce water gently. For example don’t try to put your baby in the water against the will, but offer him or her to play on the shore by the water and watch other kids having fun in the water. Little by little your kid will get interested and involved.

2. Be creative.

I know. That’s what you do every day. Being a mother means being creative.

Here is an idea: at the beach, fill a wash basin with water and place it on the shore. Or even right at the edge of water. Encourage your baby to play in it.

How to fight baby's fear of water

3. Make bath-time a training.

Make bath-time a blast with toys and have a lot of fun. Thus, your child will associate water with fun. It will help a lot.


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