five things to start in 2016

Five things to start in 2016

It’s a tradition to summarize all achievements in the end of the year. And share them with your friends in order to inspire (may be) or even shock them.

But we kind of want to break that tradition. And make some short plan for an upcoming 2016. Instead of analyzing 2015, which is, actually, already gone at the whole half of our planet. 

Here is our short list of things we are planning to start doing in 2016. And we are hoping you’ll join us!

  1. Start doing sport. Yoga, running, swimming. Anything that makes you happy and healthy. 
  2. Spend more quality time with your family. Play games, go for adventures or just buy real buy soma online xanax online stay at home. Just be together without drowning in your iPhones.  
  3. Travel. As much as you can. Travel a lot. Even if you have small kids or you feel like you are short of money – travel. Kids will definitely benefit from exploring new cultures and seeing other types of living. You can always save some money if you stop buying junk food and sweets 😉
  4. Read. Instead of watching tv. Reading is like an exercise for your brain. It develops your imagination which will let you stay young longer. 🙂 
  5. Laugh more. After all, everything we remember is about emotions. Luckily positive emotions mostly. 

And the last but not the least!

Be Happy!

Happy New Year!

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