Does music make us smarter?

When Avi was little I used to turn on the music loud enough so he could hear it in the womb.

music for the baby

And he started moving and kicking me. I loved that reaction, because it felt like he loved it.

Many many years ago I graduated from classical music school. So we were listening to Antonio Vivaldi (he is my favorite), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and other immortal geniuses. 

After he was born I understood that he, actually, was dancing.

So, anyway, I read a lot about how music affects tiny baby’s brain.


To cut a long story short, It helps to build and strengthen connections between brain cells. (It can be useful for adults too). So if you want to learn something new (skill, poem, whatever), just turn on some classical music and enjoy!

Classical music activates the same pathways in our brain as we use for spatial reasoning. By activating this pathways, music buy nexium from mexico increases our ability to assimilate information.

And later, the more we listen to the same music (and use the same music-related pathway), the faster we recall what we have learned.  

But why classical music?

Well, mostly because it’s more complex than rock or pop or any other kind. Simply, they use more instruments when performing classic music. Which activates more pathways in our brains.


Thus, it’s always a good idea to sing to your baby, sing with your baby, play music for your baby and start music class as early as it’s possible.






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