Can you really fight stretch marks?

Stretch marks…

Those 2 sad sad words.

Who doesn’t have them? Almost every woman does.

Yes, those models with perfect bodies most likely have them too. It’s just that magazines, displaying their iconic bodies, use photoshop and makeup. Tons of make up.

How do I happen to know that? Huh. Because that’s me. )




I was modeling many many years ago. And I have stretch-marks since age of 12. 

But on the picture my skin looks perfect! In deed perfect.

Anyway, now we know it. Almost every woman has those tiger stripes.

But what can possibly be done? How to make them disappear? And is it possible at all?

There are only few procedures, that are considered to help. One of them is laser treatment, another chemical (acid) peeling.

Now we’re going to bust some myths.

Luckily for you, I’ve tried both of these methods.

And guess what? I still have my stretch marks with me.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Though, I must admit, that they started to look much thiner and darker after 5 laser treatments. But, please, don’t rush making an appointment on your closest laser clinic. Because it’s simply not worth the money you will have to pay.

And there is a healthier and cheaper alternative. By the way, laser treatment is one of the most painful things that happen to me! I’m not joking. It was easier to give birth! Seriously!

For centuries (before cosmetic and medical industries developed of course) women were using pure oils to treat any skin conditions.

For example coconut oil.

Sometimes I feel like it’s some kind of panacea. It seems like it really is.

First of all, lets clarify what stretch mark is.

Stretch marks appear because of sudden stretching of the skin, which gets ripped apart. We can only see the marks on the outside (epidermis) the real scar is deeper (in dermis). While any exposure on your skin (including laser treatment and creams) will only heal upper part of epidermis, you need something that will go deeper in dermis in order to really heel the stretch mark.

But, if we manage to heel epidermis, there will be almost no visible scar.

Bingo! That’s what we need. 

That’s what coconut oil can do for you. It is able to go deep enough to reach the dermis. When the dermis is healed, it also begins healing the upper layer and while it will never really heal itself completely. But the epidermis can be healed over time.

During pregnancy I used coconut oil every day. As a result, stretch marks on my breast are almost gone. I still can see them, but they remain completely invisible to my hubby (which is more important).


Well, I just hope we can win this battle for perfect skin!

Best of luck, mommies!


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