Are you doing your laundry at home?

There greatest laundry question ever. Especially if you live in a tiny apartment in the heart of our beloved New York City. You have no place for washer and dryer. And even if you did, most likely it’s not allowed by management. So what option do we, new yorkers, have?

Laundromat? Or delivery service?

Let’s take a closer look. I’ve made a research based on my own experience.


For a family of 3. If you use laundromat 1 time per week.

You will need at least 4 different washer loads and 4 dryer loads.

– Linens and towels

– kid’s stuff

– white colored clothes

– color clothes

Approximately $2.50 for each load. Plus dryer $2 per each load. That’s $72 each month. Add a cost of your washing detergent. Or you can make your own. It’s even cheaper.

And don’t forget 2 hours of your precious time. Irretrievably lost.

At home laundry.

Well, when you have a washer at home it’s like a laundromat 24/7. And I don’t mean that it’s always available and you can do something else besides laundry in the meantime. I mean, that there is always something to wash! Crazy. Your washing machine is running all the time. Especially if you have kids. Bills will raise dramatically if you decide to have a dryer of your own.

But let’s try to calculate.

After we bought a washing machine, our bill increased for extra $30. + washing detergent. And I don’t use a dryer. But if I did, it would probably reach out $70.


– clothes hanging all around the house

– washing machine is running 24/7


– definitely less time away from home

– can do a lot of stuff while doing laundry

– cheaper

– cleaner (I mean, you never know who washes clothes in your neighborhood laundromat)

 Laundry delivery service.

The most expensive, but the most time saving way to do your laundry.

You’ll pay approximately $1.30 per pound for wash and fold service. I used it for 2 weeks to see how it works. And I payed $26 for 20 pounds. My clothes were delivered home folded and sorted the same day. You can get it for $104 a month.

They can use your washing detergent or their own.

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