6 tips on stressless shopping with kids 

When you are a young mother everything is a challenge for you. The easiest thing of your daily routine becomes an impossible task.
An shopping is a whole different level of “impossible”.
But let’s face it: as our children grow, we become more experienced and long-headed.
Here are just a few tips, that will turn shopping from hell to heaven (зачеркнуть) something less severe.
Here is how it works.

Tip #1.
Always use a shopping cart.
Why? Because it’s fun! And for kids everything that includes fun, means being busy. And for you it means free hands.

Tip #2.
If you have a dog, take it with you.
Why? Same reason. It’s simply one more thing that can distract your baby. Of course this means that you’ll have to choose a place that allows pets.

Tip #3.
Snacks. Special crunchy bites in a snack trap. A snack trap is one more entertainment, that will give you more time.

Tip #4.
Let them help you. Kids are naturally curious. So it would be better if you fulfill this curiosity by involving your child in the process of making a decision.

Tip #5.
Make sure you have some water.
Kids easily get dehydrated. Especially in air conditioned space.

Tip #6.
Stick to the plan.
Make a plan 🙂 make a shopping list. And stick to it. Share with your children.

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