5 steps from frumpy mommy to sexy mama!

5 steps from frumpy mommy to sexy mama!

First of all, do you have time to look at the mirror? No?

Well, come on. It’s 1 minute!

Go and have a look.

You don’t like what you see?

Same here.

It was approximately 2 month since Avi was born, when I occasionally looked at the mirror. And what I saw was so terrifying that my first thought was: «how my hubby still finds some courage to kiss me?».

So, step number one.

Get rid of all maternity clothes! NOW! I mean it!

Give them away. TODAY!

Step number two. No more pony tails. Nope. Instead of it try this:


Step number three. You need a good pair of jeans. The one that will fit you! There is a slight buy xanax in uk change in size and you are planning to lose weight? Fine! But until that time you need to wear something! You don’t want to spend money to the outfit you won’t use in the future? Fine. One pair of good jeans can be bought with 50$. You can quit buying coffee in starbucks and in 10 days you’ll have your Jeans (and lose some pounds).

Step number four. Stop wearing burped clothes. I know how it feels when you need to change 5 times a day. I know. But, please, don’t think that nobody will notice! They will!!

And finally. Step number five.

Please learn to do a 2 minute make up. Nothing special. Lips, eyelashes, blusher. Done.

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