5 awesome tips to keep love strong

Who knows how the real love is born? 
I mean, is it born from sympathy deep connection or real dark disappointment?
If only anybody knew the answer to this question. It would be even possible to make it DIY instruction.
Unfortunately all we know is that it just comes. There is no particular reason or situation. And after it came you feel like you have been sleeping all of your life. Until this very moment.
Oh… So many memories 🙂


But what happens next? Have you ever asked yourself: what happens after “happily ever after”?
Routine? Nasty kids? Scandals?
Scary, huh?
It depends.

Here are some tips that will help you to survive family life! We use these tips to have a breathtaking romance with each other even in the middle of crying kids and dirty diapers.

1. Talk. 
A lot! Talk about everything that makes you happy, about your passions, your work, your hobbies, your kids… Talk!

2. Do something together.
And I don’t mean shopping or playing with kids. Find yourself something that you two can do together. You can travel, plan your trip. Dance or art class will perfectly work. But some movie show will do too.

3. Make your own rules.
When two people commit to be together buying xanax online is it legal they make their own universe. And it’s your choice which forces will rule there. Remember, every relationship is unique. That means that every external advice may harm the positive dynamic of your relationship. Keep out external influences!

4. Trust.
This is the most important part. Trust is like a base. But what really trust is? Trust is when you feel your better half completely. You know all his talents, weak places and

5. Don’t hide problems, solve them in the circle.
There is an incredibly working method of communication, that will help you to solve every problem! I’m serious!
Here is how it works.
There are just a few rules.
Well, first of all it is a workshop. Where you got to answer the question in turns. Everyone gets same amount of time. The most important rule is not to snap up and not criticize! Start with something easy. Answer some common questions, like: “what is family to me”. See how you form unified opinion. Then move further to more complicated problems.

We try doing this awesome exercise at least once a week. If you have teenage kids, you can ask them to join. It works equally well to improve your relationships with kids.

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