Women can do almost everything

As soon as I started to feel myself at home in New York, being still pregnant, I tried to see as much as possible. It was that kind of hysterical desire to catch all, while I still could. Untill I seemed to be mobile enough and the baby wasn’t born yet.

One nice eve, while I was walking around Manhattan with my parents, I suddenly caught myself thinking, that I have to catch as much as possible, while I have only one child. It dawned on me, that I’ll never stop.

Meaning, woman — is such a unique and multipurpose creature, with such a high level of adoption, that we are capable of doing almost everything. Even when I have 4 kids, a dog, a buy xanax alprazolam online cat and 10 grandchildren — I’ll still be subconsciously preparing for something more complicated. And I will be acting like crazy, baking cakes and pies for 50 people, working and dandling.

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