Why NYC street style is the coolest

The dress by Elena Rudenko.

New York City fashion is by far the best. Why? Here’s why.


Check out some of these amazingly dressed citizens, fab and cash, of the city that never sleeps.

Because we know how to ourselves!

We’re hooked up on coffee! And we’re not afraid of it!

We know how to wear jeans

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Because NYC men are sometimes just too much…

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But what we really love about NYC street fashion? True NYC fashion is about comfort and identity.

80% of our fashion choices are for ourselves and our identity – we are communicating who we are to people around us. And only about 20% of NYC fashion is for others’ appreciation.

It’s comfortable but definitely fashionable

You can tell between a NYC native and a transplant from just this one rule.

NYC natives don’t all have walk-in closets. We really don’t. So we curate our wardrobe very carefully and although style is number 1, comfort comes in a close second.

When I’m comfortable in my own skin, I exude confidence and that reads as a Mad Mama catwalking down the street!


No New Yorker is trying to be something they are not  – they wear the fashion and they own it – it is so refreshing to walk down the street and see so many perspectives and takes on fashion in all kinds of weather.


Take Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the OG’s of hobo style – they qualify as New Yorkers now and they wear the best threads but they also are comfortable. See what I mean?They pull off their look so flawlessly, NY has embraced this power couple!

In contrast, look at NYC wannabes (no offense, Kim), like Kardashians – their style you can tell is not comfortable at all, even their casual outfits. They just caravan from point to point without really living and experiencing life in the city.

What is it about New yorkers and comfort? For one, they travel on the street, not in cars – their fashion is as much about being outdoors as it is being indoors. Because of this, cuts are so important and you can see great cuts everywhere you go.

Silhouette on the canvas of the streets is so important to New York fashion afficionados. Layers and transformation from subway to cafe is also so critical and allows for a lot of creativity. You can have

I absolutely love that people mix in everyday wear with high street style or none at all. A real fashion enthusiast can appreciate a great find. Not so much the price tag but the cut and finish. New Yorkers have no shame in shopping at H&M, Zara or a thrift shop. In fact, we applaud one another for integrating accessories and pieces of varying price ranges. No one wants to be a  walking advertisement for a brand. It is so much better to define your fashion identity by mixing and matching pieces from various labels. I’m such a fan of consignment and used clothing stores where I’ve found some of my favorite pieces such as: my $30 Hermes scarf at a tiny shop in Hoboken.

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