Why NYC playgrounds are actually great

I must say, that most of my life I lived in a totally different world.

My childhood was bright and delightful. But as I assume now quite dangerous. I mean, to start with, playgrounds, that we had back then, weren’t that safe. Sometimes they were even handmade by parents. And nobody was actually responsible for monitoring their safety.

In common, almost every child was at least once hit by a swing. For instance my hubby and me. Both hit by a swing.

And we didn’t have those cute plastic swings that we have here on every playground. They were stainless steel!

So I found just a few examples of playgrounds around post soviet union countries. So be prepared! And remember: everything is relative.




Almost every playground had (still has) something made of used tires.


Киев_ул  Я Гашека 17 1


Sand is definitely softer than asphalt.




The above-mentioned swings.


Ужгород (2)


And my favorite! The rocket! They were definitely preparing us for something.



When I see all this torture appliances, the only thought that grows up in my mind is: How the hell I survived?”. But I did, so as my brother, my friends and my husband (though, he was hit by a swing more then once).

Those incredibly safe and beautiful playgrounds we have here and those we had back there are simply incomparable! So when I see a mother complaining about yet another livid spot her restless son just got in the park and blaming playgrounds, I just want to show her this article.



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