Why buy used?

Why buy used?

Let me tell you one curious story, that happened with me.

When I just came to America (No! No! Don’t stop reading! I’m going to be super fast! I promise) I was the worst case of shopaholism. I was a typical girl from Carrie Bradshaw’s column (Oh God no modern blog survives without mentioning The Sex and The City. I had to do it). ThoughI came to New York with my own Love, I still was pretty crazy about Labels. And I finally had the mecca for fashion lovers at my arm’s length. 

All those fabulous designer clothes for infants and kids… I became a little bit carried away…

And you know what, please, learn on my mistakes! All that fancy stuff is absolutely NOT worth the money.

Just a few months ago I’ve found this amazing store that sells used kids’s stuff in our neighborhood. Amazing condition and even better prices.

But as I have recently found out it’s not just about money.

You have already heard about fire retardant chemicals, that are used on all kinds of kids clothing. And how harmful and dangerous they are. Well, here are some good news. Those chemicals eventually wash out. Yep. They do. You see my point here? Buying used means that somebody already did half of the work for you. Isn’t it the best reason ever?

Here is another story. Yeah, I love examples. I’m probably becoming too motherly. Imagine your precious child wearing that unbelievably awesome white shirt on your Sunday dinner with family. And imagine greasy little hands covered with gravy approaching to that virgin spotless white perfection, that you’ve bought just yesterday for $30… I’m already feeling dizzy.

On the other hand, imagine you bought this white perfection for $0.50 on the local thrift shop. Better, right?

Well, you see my point here.

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