What to do on Post New Years weekend in NYC

It’s the end of the party and the fireworks are through…

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I didn’t get enough of New Year’s celebration. Especially considering the fact that our babysitter charged us a little more than double for the 31 of December.

This weekend the prices are back to normal, people are more relaxed and NYC is the city that never sleeps.

So here we are me and you, not lost anymore and not blue :)

There is always something that is going on in New York. Something to suit everyone’s taste.

1. Monarch Rooftop Fridays

In the mood for kind of fancy evening with a breathtaking view on midtown? That’s definitely the place. The atmosphere is far from a typical nightclub. I’d say it’s more like a chill out bar. Relaxing music, that totally allows a pleasant conversation. A great lace for a date night.

Just make sure you wear something more on a smart casual side. No ripped jeans, sneakers and t-shirts.

2. Make your own lipstick at ROUGE

Saturday, January 7, 8am-5pm

That’s just a lot of fun! I’ve been dreaming to create my own makeup brand since I first tried my mom’s lipstick for the rest time. It was so smooth, it smelled so nice… That I obviously buy hydrocodone online couldn’t stop.

Anyways, for all of the girls out there, this is a dream come true.

To book your appt call 212-320-9800

3. Cake decorating class at Cafe Victoria

Friday, January 6, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Yep, I agree. We should have taken this one before the actual New Years eve. But there is St.Valentines day on the way. How cool it would be to surprise your special person with a professionally made pastry? Well, i would sure love that kind if surprise instead of some cliche red roses.

Call to book your class 917-374-2354

4. The hidden secrets of NYC Subway system

Sunday, January 8, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Gosh, that’s one of my favourite.

I mean, haven’t you ever wondered about NYC subway history and stories around it? We spend at least 40 minutes per day in a train. After all it is the fastest way to get around the City, especially on a weekday.

You’ve definitely seen the old station o the loop of the 6 train, haven’t you?

Hosted by nyadventureclub.com

Register online or call 917-287-9970

Or just get a headset and chat away your nights.



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