What to do in Southampton during winter season

What to do in Southampton during winter season

Being a major vacation destination of New Yorkers for the whole summer season the Hamptons look like an extinct village during winter. Empty streets, closed shops, spacious vacant mansions conserved for the season. Like a scene from the Walking Dead at some point, though. That is how quiet it is.

But, the best cafe of Manhattan has a location down here. Sant Ambroeus is known among sophisticated foodies for the best coffee in the City and incredibly delicious pastries. And it’s open the whole year. No crowd, no rush, no craziness. Simple, calm and relaxing atmosphere.

There is definitely some kind of magic in wintery beach. And the air is so transparent and clean, that you can really feel what people mean when they say: “light as air”. I remember my first few months in New York City. I literally felt the air, like it’s dense and thick.


And sometimes, you just need to get away from our impossibly loud island. Plus, the prices for rent are extremely low right now. Especially comparing to Manhattan. So if you have kids and your work does not oblige you to be physically present in the city every day – make this awesome escape. You won’t regret it. Kids enjoy it.

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Our great guide Martin is going to tell us a little more about this amazing place. P.S. He is a real estate specialist, by the way. And an author of a huge startup. We’ll let you know when he’ll become popular :) Probably, he is the next Mark Zuckerberg.


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