Top 5 US cities to raise children

My Top 5 US cities to raise children

5. Madison, Wi

A city with most playgrounds per capita – what’s not to like about that?! That means endless adventure for the little one and much needed time to sit back and let your kids play while you read a paper, drink your daily cuppa joe, or…catch up on your social media.

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4. Fremont, CA

This town has ended up on the top of many lists including lowest crime, lowest divorce rate, lowest percentage of famiies below the poverty level, lowest violent crime per capita. Happy people means happy families means happy children. So that is why I picked it as #4 on my list.

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3.Germantown, MD

or several cities in MD actually – it has a very diverse population which I find very important for raising children. It is great when children can grow up together being unaware of their differences in color and culture and just enjoy being humans!

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2. Portland, OR

A city where access to public places such as museums, libraries, farmers markets, and parks is very doable using public transit, its residents love the city’s walkability and the simple slow lifestyle it promotes. Children are raised with a propensity to public transport and use of the city’s public offerings which is not the case with many children in other cities who get shuttled around in minivans.

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1. New York, NY

Has the most attractions – for those of us who get bored easily, having a plethora of options when it comes to entertainment is such a bonus that we often take it for granted. But living in NYC is awesome – and being able to enjoy all it has to offer while raising my little one is even better!

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