Top 5 NYC picnic essentials

As spring is starting to rule at full strength, trees blossom, birds sing. And the urge to get away from the hot city rush is tremendously growing. We rush into our only oasis, reachable within a short train ride or walk – The Central Park.

Typical New Yorker’s lunch breaks are short and schedules are packed. Thus, we need to take the most of it. And we need to do it fast. And we love comfort. Yes we do.

That’s why we got a list of

Top 5 NYC picnic essentials

1. Pocket blanket

Because you never know when you might need it!

2. The portable speaker

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Because life without music is simply boring. Yes, you need particularly this one.

3. Food

Well, yeah. Because without food what’s the point? Unless you bring wine. But we are not supposed to encourage you to drink wine in the Central Park you are not supposed to drink wine in the Central Park.

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Pick up some organic yummies at Whole Foods. It’s only about $9 per pound. Or do what you please.

4. Sunscreen

Because the sun in NYC can be hard on you! Really hard.

5. Water

Because you need to be hydrated.


Main photo credit Gregory Bourolias

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