Top 3 hottest neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Top 3 hottest neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Brooklyn seems to expand, grow and become more and more pricy. Neighborhoods like Dumbo, Williamsburg, Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights are now somewhat even more expensive than Manhattan. Promoting certain style of living, they create specific community and attract certain type of people. Though, right now it’s so expensive, that couscous young families are in need of searching cheaper options.

We decided to tell you some more about hottest growing coolest Brooklyn neighborhoods, that are cheaper.

1. Red Hook.

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Red Hook started to change as artists and youngsters, who find Williamsburg too damn pricy, moved to this former industrial and isolated maritime peninsula. Huge warehouses are transformed into spacious lofts.  

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If you are seriously considering to move to Red Hook, make sure you love to ride a bike. Due to it’s isolation. Meaning – no subway, guys!

2. Bed-stuy

Also known as Bedford–Stuyvesant. It’s gaining popularity due to the fact that it borders to famous Willamsburg, but has absolutely reasonable pricing. Packed with brownstones ready to be renovated and rebuilt. Definitely one of my fav neighborhoods.

3. Sunset Park

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As one of our fellow Brooklynites said:

Hipster’s invasion to Sunset Park is inevitable!

Relatively close to Park Slope, easy accessible by train, breathtaking view. Nice prices ;) What not to love about it?

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