The hidden secret down side of New York

New York is fabulous, flawless and absolutely incredible. But it has it’s hidden secret down side.

Nobody will tell you how horrible it is to meet a water bug on your kitchen. You know what’s water bug? I’ll show you. (Basically its just a big roach)
 american-roach  (sorry)
When I see this creature, I freeze and become paralyzed by terror. Last time I had to clean whole the kitchen with bleach (yeah, I have it for this type of occasion).
Rats. Yes, rats do live in that fancy buildings in manhattan. THEY DO! They say, that population of rats is even bigger than population of people in New York.
And every time you use subway, you are ready to believe it.
Bed bugs. Even thinking about those things makes my skin crawl.

Here comes the best part.

I don’t know why, but for some reason, if you have an apartment in NY, one of your windows will definitely face your neighbor’s window. And it’s going to be pretty close. Very close. So close, that you’ll be able to see what they have for dinner. You, actually, will be able to see a lot of things. And there is no way you can fight it. Cause with their lights on, they look just like one of that funny sitcom shows on TV.

Recently i’ve seen my neighbors having sex in front of their fridge. I mean, I don’t mind experiments and stuff, but they were eating sausages… Don’t get me wrong, this is a free country (Thanks God) and you can do whatever you want. But sausages, really?


And do you know how new yorkers get rid of trash?

They collect it inside the building until certain day (depends on the neighborhood) and then just put it outside. It sits there until department of sanitation picks it up. Sometimes for couple of days.
Yes, they have it in those fancy neighborhoods in Manhattan too.
So, bear this in mind, when planning to move to the city of your dreams!

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