The funniest must see parenting comedy show is back in the City

Tired of diapers, food stains and tantrums? Ready for a hilarious night out?

I’ve been always wondering why parenting is been always taken so serious. I mean, above all other things in life, parenthood requires you to have a nicely developed sense of humor. How else would you be able to deal with poop on the dining table and hidden half-eaten candies in your closet? Don’t ask.

In order to be good parents we need to laugh out the stress and fatigue.

And the most important thing is to know, that you are not alone! It encourages so much. When I hear those funny stories that have happened to my friends and their kids and we laugh together – it’s like a catharsis. Seriously!

September 30 2015 – is an awesome opportunity to meet some moms, just like your self and laugh your asses off together! I love New York, because it’s made of comedy. How else on earth would you be able to survive here?

But let’s get back to the show that is promising to be the best I’ve ever seen.

The advertisement ended up in my spam box few weeks ago. I was scrolling down the folder to make sure nothing important will be deleted. Yeah, I know, I need to get along with my Gmail settings. And here it was! The first thing that caught my eye was a phrase:

When I Die, I Want to Come Back as a Dad

Exactly! Nothing but net! And then I thought, that no one, but a mother could possibly feel this aspect of motherhood SOOOO DEPLY! 

Few days after I was having a breathtaking interview with amazing Shayna and Tracey, who are the contributors to The Bump and The Pump and Dump Show on its U.S. Tour, The Bump Pump and Dump Validation Tour!

It’s obvious that you both are moms. Otherwise it would be totally impossible to give birth to such an incredible drama. Comedy I mean. But how exactly did it all started? 

I had just moved to Denver and had a 20 month old and a newborn.  I was in the thick of it and felt, as I read the local mommy group daily posts, that everyone else was too but we just didn’t have an outlet to laugh and relax about it.  I had been a comedian in NYC for almost 12 years at that buy xanax with paypal point and didn’t know exactly what I’d do in Denver, but then, during a rare shower, The Pump and Dump idea came to me.  I called my friend Tracey – we’ve known each other since Jr. High School and our daughters are 3 weeks apart – and we made it happen.  Almost exactly 3 years later, we are touring the country with it (thanks to the support from awesome brands like The Bump!).  We never would have predicted this path.


Parents will definitely understand all the depth of this comedy. But would it be at any use to future moms?

Funny is funny.  We get all sorts of people at the shows – parents-to-be, parents-never-to-be, dads, grandparents – and they have a great time. Future moms may not get the cathartic side of the Pump and Dump yet.  But it’s probably helpful for them to see that they will be in a pretty huge club and the message will translate later.

Just a quick tip. Who would you advise to take to the performance? Hubby or mommy friends?

Well, The Pump and Dump is really an amazing “moms night out” no doubt about it.  It’s so rare for a mom of young kids to have the opportunity to get together with a group of friends and the show is short so they really CAN make a night of it before and after.  But there’s also something awesome about bringing your partner.  We don’t man bash or even kid bash.  The show is funny because the stuff we talk about is true.  So dads should have no fear and realize their wives will probably be so grateful they wanted to go with them.


Mommies, make sure to free the evening of September 30! Grab your friends or hubbies and rush to, probably, the best parenting comedy show you’ve ever seen. And I have never wrote this before, but, please KIDS FREE! 😉

Wednesday, September 30 at Gotham Comedy Club (208 West 23rd)

8:00pm Show, 7:15pm Doors  |  $20

Tickets here.

I have a feeling that I’m going to fall in love with The Bump and The Pump and Dump. Because the seem to face they only truth all mothers are afraid to admit: motherhood is tough as hell.


See you there!

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