The best pizza in NYC

The best pizza in NYC.

New York is overpacked with restaurants, cafes and diners. They are literally on every corner. 

Especially when it comes to pizza. There is pizza everywhere! Though, as a person that have been eating the best pizza in the world for approximately 10 years, I have to say: it’s incredibly hard to find a slice of real pizza in New York! 

But we managed to find a perfect little place, where dough is incredibly crusty, coffee is magically aromatic and cheese is authentic. The best pizza in NYC!

Song e Napule!


A tiny hidden gem at W. Houston street. Little family owned and operated pizzeria. Brick oven and lots of love – are the secret ingredients. 

I’m more of classical Margherita type of person. But my hubby enjoyed an incredible Tartufata pizza. A combination of prosciutto crudo and white sauce – exquisite! 


Don’t miss the tiramisu!!! It’s like heaven on earth! Unlike other wannabe Italian restaurants, they don’t use gelatin or pectin. So tiramisu incredible soft and flawless. Add here good coffee and real Marsala wine and you’ll get a true success. So, trust me, you are not really coming for pizza there. Though pizza is the best I’ve tried in NYC so far. Don’t take my word for it. GO and check it out!


Unfortunately they don’t have high chairs or a kids corner. Thus they have to entertain kids in a very old-fashioned way. Avi enjoyed it!


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