Spring in the City

Spring is the best time of the year. I remember it since I was little. It’s warm and nice outside, your school is about to finish and whole summer is ahead.

And spring in the Big Apple is absolutely unique.

Finally! It’s here! It’s been a long winter.

spring in new york

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Among all places I’ve visited, New York’s spring is the most beautiful.
It comes without warning. Only yesterday you were wearing your winter coat, bang, and you can go out wearing thin leather jacket.
The character of the city is so spontaneous.
I love being near the water. And our new neighborhood is just few minutes away from sea front.
Strolling near by the ocean is very calming.
And that salty water smell… amazing.
That is my lovely friend Alena and 2 of her 3 cuties.
Also it’s very beneficial for kids.
In spite of it’s beauty and flavor, New York is a megapolis and it’s very polluted city. Thus, having an opportunity to escape from all these cars, garbage and smoke is priceless.
Plus, kids fall asleep almost immediately, when they smell ocean. I don’t really know how it works, but it’s some kind of magic.
When I levied in Sicily, all my days went by the sea.
We were swimming, fishing, collecting shells. Covered with salty water from the bottom to the top. I never had any skin problems, even during teenage years. In general, I had less health problems, than other children of same age.
And I think the credit goes to the sea. 🙂

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