Positive perception makes miracles.

Everything changes forever, when tiny new life comes into being inside you.

Perhaps I won’t be original by saying this to you. But from that moment new desires and requests step into your life. Not completely your buy strattera online desires. The stronger that little creature is, the faster your life changes. And “strange” goings-on start to take place more frequently.

Universe is a positive environment. Indeed we always get what we want. But the problem is, that we don’t really know what we need to want. But the situation gets even more complicated when there is another individuum, having it’s own will, inside your body. And I’m not talking about craving for pickles with chocolate butter. The baby already has it’s own plan. And everything he wants inevitable happens with me, his capsule. Even true miracles happen sometimes.

They say that New York has the most pococurante and malevolent people in the world. But, you know what? It’s a perfect rot. Once I passed through customs control, I decided that I urgently need a cup of mint tea. So I followed to the enormous waiting line to the nearest coffee spot. Me, my belly, my suitcase, my bag, greenness on my face. Apparently i looked unbelievably miserable. Cute barista turned towards me offering me a cup of something invitingly delicious and  supposably junk.

– Free latte for you. (he smiled)

But pregnant woman’s brain works faster than common sense. My brain responded before I had time to think.

– sorry, but is it decaf?

And in five minutes I had my free decaf latte. 

You had definitely read about importance and role of perception. Positive perception makes miracles. The actual situation can stand out from the way singular person takes it. It’s very important to bear this fact in mind while reading someone’s diary or blog. ;)

I also like the idea of changing the world through changing yourself

It actually works in the Big Apple. And you can see the immediate result. The way the city will welcome you directly depends on your inner intention. In other words, when the space, number of people and possibilities are so huge, you have no other option than perceive from within. Intention and aspiration – that’s what important.

You can’t remain indifferent to New York. It will change your perception, anyway.

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