Playdates anyone?

As every mom knows kids get bored at home. Kids need new friends and activities. Definitely you can grab your little monsters and head to the nearest playground. Sounds like fun. But what to do if the weather is not that awesome? We live in New York, we have winter here. And most of our winter days are not that picturesque snow slopes and sunny days. It’s usually rainy, windy and dirty.

Here is the question, that every mom is asking herself: where to go to play with your kids?

Have you ever heard about the Project Playdate?

Project Playdate is an award winning alternative-to-babysitting service that hosts social and educational playdates and pajama parties at NYC’s most exclusive play spaces and attractions for kids.

Wooow! Just WOW! The key thing is that playdates are EDUCATIONAL! Finally! A guilt free time off! They also host amazing pajama parties! This sounds like a date night out opportunity for get off paxil without side effects mommy and daddy ;)

Instead of a boring night at home with popcorn, TV and babysitter (lets face it, that’s how it is most of the times), your child gets an amazing experience with new friends, packed with enriching activities, that provide a broad spectrum of social, intellectual, emotional and physical learning.

Project Playdate pajama parties are Friday and Saturday evening events. A 3 hour drop off experience for children 2-6 years old, hosted at exclusive local indoor play spaces like Kidville or Playgarden. Programs are developed in association with professional babysitting services like UrbanSitter and College Nannies.


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Unfortunately most of the events are booked in advance. So make sure to check the calendar and plan your playdate.

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