How to parent like New Yorker

How to parent like New Yorker

If you’ve bee in New York, then you probably know how different NYC parents are. Different from others.

We might seem more classy, relaxed and generally happier. But, trust me, it comes with a lot of effort. Even though it’s hard, it’s worth trying.

So here we go!

How to parent like New Yorker

First and foremost – download the Uber app. Yep. You’re going to use it quite often.

When your home is actually also home to hundreds of celebrities and totally iconic place, you kind of get used to doing your daily routine in front of millions of tourists and video cameras.

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Thus, you just become generally more relaxed. I mean, when regular trip to the park becomes a trip to major tourist destination. You start to acquire a few useful skills. Learning different languages. Or even teach your child to make cool photos.

Well, considering how mach exposure you are going to get, you’d better learn to nurse/feed/rock to sleep/comfort your kid in public. Yep. And by the way, breastfeeding is legal in New York City.


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