Outstanding gluten free and kids friendly spot in the City

Searching for fun, gluten free, affordable, kids friendly and kosher place in the City? Quite a challenge, I must admit. Though, as they say: who seeks, shall find.

And so we did.

What can be better than good old (forgotten) crispy treat? Delicious and simple.


Yet The Treat House team managed to make the original recipe even better.

Treats are always made with the customer’s health in mind. All Treats are certified Kosher Dairy; and unless specified otherwise, are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. Our Homemade Marshmallows are made using raw cane sugar — never corn syrup. Breakfast bars contain brown rice, oats, flax, dried fruits, and seeds (some contain nuts.)

Meet Chris and Jennifer. Owners and ideologists of the Treat House. And just amazing and lovely people.


As concerned and dedicated parents in the first place, they created the Treat House as a healthy and clean alternative treat place.

The Treat House is not just a regular business. It all started as a simple family baking sale to raise money for charity. We don’t know how, but they managed to keep this warm family atmosphere until today. Both of their locations are very cozy, all of their treats feel like they were done with tons of love. Kids and parents can tell it from the first bite!


Because it’s so good!


And like it’s not enough, on your special occasion they’ll let you decorate your own treat.


Avi made one for his mommy!


As a passionate cook, Chris couldn’t stop. That’s why the Treat House also offers unbelievable and magically delicious ice cream bars! Our favorite flavor is chocolate peanut butter! Come and pick your own!


P.S. Trick or treat!


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