Organic handmade city inspired toys – best Christmas present

Organic handmade city inspired toys – best Christmas present

Mommies, holiday season is here! No time for present hunting for your little ones? We got your back here!

If there is a high fashion in toys production, then this piece is, probably, Pret-a-porter.

I’ve found it on Instagram and instantly fell in love.

Educative, exquisite and attention ORGANIC! Designed and handmade in New York.

Organic handmade city inspired toys - best Christmas present
Globe Totters are series of blocks that represent 10 cities. Each has a unique design inspired by the most famous things about the city. This approach reinvents early education! Collect them all, and let your little one go on a fun journey!

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We got the Brooklyn block for Avi.

And he loves it!!! He even plays with it and his fluffy friend Fookah (Don’t ask what this name means, I have no idea).

So I decided to meet the person who is behind the process of creation of this wonder.

Angela is extremely modest and shy. While we had an interview, she preferred to stay out of my iPhone’s camera. All I got to know about this wonderful girl is, that she is very talented and dedicated.

Your toys definitely stand out. Being educational, organic and classy (if I can use that word for a toy) – it is just something incredible. Tell us more about the idea. What was your inspiration in starting your line of organic city inspired toys?

   My husband and I were inspired to start an organic toy line with our daughter in mind. We wanted to create an educational, fun and safe line in a market that is so heavily penetrated with plastic toys made in China. Our toys are proudly handmade in Brooklyn and all materials are sourced in the US. We love to travel, but found it harder to do with an infant. We decided to bring our line of 10 cities, Brooklyn, New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Fran, LA, Seattle, and Sydney to our daughter’s playmat instead. We found the market lacked modern and new cotton blocks and that is how city blocks were born!

Also, as you told me before you have a very prestigious education. Probably most of your classes were in fashion. How did you decided to become a toymaker?

   I graduated the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Children’s wear and Womenswear. I worked as a designer for womenswear for many years. After my baby was born, I was so inspired by our concept that I knew it was time to leave fashion and begin a new journey with our city blocks that are all original illustrations drawn by me, Angela Clair

It is very important to cherish your roots. As you told me before, your family comes from Ukraine. Does Ukrainian culture have any impact on your work? Are we going to see the Ukraine block? ;)

It is important to cherish our roots. And you just might see a Ukrainian block in the future :}

And the most important question is: are you planning to expand? May be create toys for older kids?

   We are keeping very focused on our current line, plans for expansion are not off the table, though. Follow our journey and stay tuned to see what we have in store:}

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