One more reason to use baby carrier

There are thousands of articles, that will explain you, why baby carriers are the best choice for your baby.

Physically, emotionally or even psychologically. And all of these theories are very convincing.

But internet is overwhelmed with information. Nowadays you can, probably, find a confirmation to any possible theory.


Yesterday we went one of my favorite museums, American Museum of Natural History.

Of course, my favorite exhibition always was the hall of dinosaurs.



So I never really payed enough attention to Human Origins and Cultural Halls.

Thus, we decided to spend more time exploring how did they managed to keep it all together without vacuum cleaners, iPhones and blenders. And the most important question is, how those women were able to run their household with infants? 

And so I found an answer. At that time they already had baby carriers. And they were very comfy I must say. Well, at least they look comfy.

How do you like this one? Stylish, huh?

Baby_carrier,_Lakota_or_Nakoda_(Assiniboine),_c._1885_-_Royal_Ontario_Museum_-_DSC00283Photo from here.

You can’t go wrong with something, that has been used for hundreds of years, can’t you?

Native americans used cradle boards. Babies from birth onwards were wrapped up and then put into the cradle board which was then strapped to the mother’s back, like a backpack. Navajo peoples used cradle boards. Cradle boards were also hung from the pommel of a saddle when traveling.

I’m totally in love with these cute backpacks.


Oh. And just as a bonus.

This nice figure of a woman from Solomon islands. Faceless as you might notice. But boobs and belly are quite obviously present.


So, you see, mommies, what’s really important, right?

I’m pretty sure this thing was made by a man 😉


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