Here is why New York is the most wonderful city in the world

First of all, we have CupCakes ATM. Seriously. How cool is that?

So whenever you feel the urge to fill your stomach with some excessive sugar, you can freely do it. This is the whole new level. Say, you wake up in the middle of the night and just crave for a cupcake and a walk down Lexington avenue. And it’s done, people! Crazy city.

Or, you love something less sweet and more funky. Head to Brooklyn. Check out the rainbow bagel.

Fashion is everywhere. Seriously. Everywhere! Starting from thrift shops, where you can find Prada sandals for $30. Ending with awesome pop up stores carrying simply incredible emerging designers.


Not yet popular and pricy, but as qualitative as famous brands. Like Elena Rudenko.

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The view. Yes, it’s amazing. No matter where you look from… But just in case, here is the short list of the best places to LOOK:

  • Terrace on The MET
  • The top of The Rock
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade

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