Mommies, time to become a star!

We’ve recently talked about breastfeeding. Well, we actually talk a lot a bout that here.

So I probably shouldn’t mention the crucial importance it plays in your and you child’s life. But I prefer to remind you one more time. Just in case.

Breastfeeding is one of the most incredible act in human’s life. It’s sacred and it’s vital in the same time. The bond that forms between mother and child is almost indescribable.

It is a whole new level of connection, which will definitely help you to understand and feel your child more clearly.

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But today is about a chance to publicly support breastfeeding once again!


Hello Friends! The fabulous Founders of Simple buy xanax netherlands Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bras are Casting for their next BIG Marketing Campaign!

We encourage you to submit for the casting if you’re interested.


**Nursing Moms & Babies Wanted!!**

Be the Star of the Next BIG Mom Photo Shoot!

SIMPLE WISHES is all about spotlighting everyday moms and supporting them through their daily struggles while breast pumping and nursing. They are casting moms for their next big marketing campaign and need women like you! The Simple Wishes team is looking for moms and their babies from diverse backgrounds and stories to share. Casting is happening September 30, 2016 and the Photo Shoot is scheduled for October 11th. 

This is a PAID opportunity for the moms chosen!



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