Madness of moving in New York

Moving in New York is always a bad idea.

To begin with, I never thought we have so much stuff!!!!!

We moved to New York a year ago having 2 medium suit cases and hand luggage.
Well… I don’t know where all this stuff came from! I packed for 2 weeks.
Of course I couldn’t just pack. I had to feed, change, stroll, change again, sing, feed again… And can i buy valtrex at cvs the only way I could pack is having him on my back.

moving in new york

But anyway, here is how our apartment looked the day we had to move out.


You know, definitely, having a baby, make you accumulate things.
Toys, books, cards, clothes, blankets, socks, high chairs, car seats!

Damn, parents, how you deal with all these things!?

You need a whole specific room for it. Like laundry, but childrenstuffery.

And, you know, empty closets look so sad.

moving in new york

I still don’t know how we survived.

Let me tell you one thing: if you are planning to move in New York, you better have some helpful friends.

moving in new york


Emily and her son Jordan taking care of Avi). Yep, not a brother, SON! I mean it)

But, well, now we are in our new home.
I started unpacking. And that’s even harder.

It seems like something exploded just in the middle of our apartment.

Our new neighborhood is very nice though. It’s a mix of Chinese and Italians. Very nice bakeries and grocery shops. Oh, and flowers) I even got one from my hubby. Let’s hope I’m not going to kill it like I killed kalanhoe. I kept on forgetting to water it.

moving in new york

New York is something. Only here you might need to speak at least 3 languages just to buy some groceries.


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