Lost in transportation

Lost in transportation.

Did you know how complicated is New York’s system of transportation?
Though, it’s perfectly comfortable and allows you to get to almost every part of all 5 boroughs. But once you get in the subway, it feels like you’re playing some kind of quest. I know that clear breed newyorkers are, probably, shaking their heads now.
Yes, guys, New York’s subway is more like a maze, than a system.
Have you ever been to Atlantic avenue, Barclays center?
God! I can’t xanax online overnight count how many times I was lost there… With the stroller… Thanks God I have THE STROLLER)

Lost in transportation
Picture from here!

And should I mention the rats? They simply live there. Every time I happen prilosec to buy to use subway I end up meeting

few absolutely relaxed rats.
And it feels like I’m intruding into their lives, into their homes.

Have you ever been to any subway in former USSR? Most of the stations look more like a museum. Like a bit too much)

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