Let’s bike New York

Let’s bike New York.

Summer is coming.

And until it finally came and it’s not too hot, it’s perfect time for a bike ride! 
And New York, surprisingly I know, has one of the best bicycle roads!
The first thing is get a bike! 

Let's bike New York
Well, you can buy one.

Another option is to rent one.

For example here. I love it, cause they have a lot of drop off points. And that’s very comfortable. But I, actually, prefer to have my own. And I love retro bikes. Well, that’s another story.
Second step is to plan your route!  
You’d be surprised how much this city has to offer.
So, you can explore some roads here. Or even build your own here.
Or choose one place you want to go and just go there. That’s our plan.
Oh, and make sure you’ll take some lunch with you.
Small gluten free quiches will be a great alternative to a sandwich.

And if you feel like you need a company, you can also find some bike buddies online, for example here. They also have a lot of upcoming events!

Main photo by Tom Olesnevich from here.

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