It’s Time to Find the Perfect Roommate

New York City

Living in New York City is an incredible experience. Whether you just moved here for a new job, are studying abroad or interning for the summer, you expect to have an unforgettable time. One thing is certain; living with the right people and in the right place plays a vital role to your NYC experience.

The Challenge

NYC is expensive. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that. Not everyone has financial opportunity to afford an apartment on the UES. Hell, most of us can’t even afford Brooklyn. My point is, that most of young people, who haven’t settled down yet, prefer to find roommates. Which helps to save a lot of money and also acquire new friends.

In a city with so many people, it’s still so difficult to find roommates you connect with.

For so many people, the STRUGGLE is REAL and takes MONTHS.

The Solution

It’s Time to Find the Perfect Roommate

You can definitely use your social connections to search for a roommate. You know, ask around. But what if you are totally new in the city? And there is literally no-one you know?

The solution is Igluu, an NYC-based social platform for people to connect with roommates, rooms and apartments.

Igluu is rapidly becoming one of the most attractive communities in NYC.

With many different community-building projects, Igluu is inviting people to connect with each other while exploring different aspects of NYC culture. The relationships people are building with Igluu is leading them to the site for their housing needs as well, where they have thousands of apartments to choose from.

Carlos, who used Igluu when moving to NYC, loved his experience.

Igluu is awesome! I wasn’t sure where to start, but they helped me a lot. Their events connected me with some really cool people and made me feel comfortable living in NYC. I already feel like a New Yorker!

What It Means

Igluu isn’t just a quick housing solution, its an experience.

A community where you can explore people’s interests, social media, mutual friends and participate in exciting projects, Igluu opens doors to connect with exciting people.

Don’t Stress

If you have a bad credit score, a low income or no credit score at all, Igluu’s insurance partner guarantees your rent. You and your roommates deserve to get the place you love!


Igluu is hosting many meet ups and community events exploring different neighborhoods over the weekends. They are also running many fun contests on their social media including sharing your funniest roommate story, best drawing of NYC neighborhoods, best Igluu photo, and so much more!

It’s Time to Find the Perfect Roommate

Sign up and enter the contests by following them today.

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