How to teach your child to avoid consumerism

Since I got to know, that I was pregnant, I started to be afraid of so many things. One of them was how to teach your child to avoid consumerism. Really. How to teach your child to cherish and respect more important values, than buying stuff.

In our family, we were never obsessed with things. We used things, we never saved something for “special occasion”. That’s why china closet at my mom’s house (yes, there is a china closet at my mom’s house) is always full of assorted plates, cups and saucers.

manyAnd no one was punished because of the broken plate.

In such manner, my parents, little did they know, but they protected me from so popular nowadays consumerism and materialism.

On the other hand, since I was little, they cultivated esthetic sensitivity, by an enormous amount of books, museums, paintings and of course music. They never wasted a moment. We were surrounded by albums of classical paintings, quality books and amazing concerts.

And now I live in the capital of consumerism and materialism.

And my mom’s china closet is only a sweet memory. A memory and hope, that I am like that eclectic set of cups at my mom’s house, that perfectly fits it’s environment and has an opportunity to remain itself. So are we.

I love New York, I just hope, that it’s not going to change our family.

My absolutely crazy and happy eclectic family!

china closet


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