How to survive a stay-at-home holiday

How to survive a stay-at-home holiday

So holidays are here. Finally. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, they say! May be because we spend time with our precious families? With out unbelievably loud and impossibly active families…

How to make your stay-at-home holiday happy, funny, bearable, stylish and cute?

1. Buy some matching family pajamas

Here here! The cutest family pajamas we picked specially for you!

$28.99 for a set. 100% imported cotton.


$ 30 for a set. Organic Cotton.


Well, what do you know, even the Kardashian family has this outfit.


2. Make a movie day.

There is a bunch of new movies, but I’d stick with classics. You can never go wrong with “Miracle on 34-th street” or “Home alone”. Or just check Top 20 best Christmas movies. And don’t forget to vote ;)

Make sure you have enough popcorn.


3. Plan an outdoor fun.

Well, if there was at least a hint of snow this Christmas, I’d say play snow balls and make a snow man. But it seems like New York is moving to Florida this year. Thus, nice picnic in the Central Park can be a beautiful option. Hot chocolate and ginger cookies – are the must.


4. Create your own movie.

What can be more exciting than getting a main role in the movie? Creating your own movie! Pretend, play, make funny faces, jump, run, create a story! Think about the plot together, create costumes. Than watch it together. Just like you watched real movies.


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