How to spend the 8-th of march in New York

How to spend the 8-th of march in New York Brooklyn.

We are not really into celebrating this holiday.
But it was a first Sunday we could finally spend together. So we decided to go out and enjoy each other.
With the baby, of course. 
It was a very sunny morning.
8th of march
We suddenly found out that we have never been at the Brooklyn bridge.
But it’s not very interesting to walk back and forth around the bridge.
So we started to recall all the places we haven’t visited yet.
And a very nice itinerary came off.
We decided to go with ergobaby and combine a nice workout with a nice walk.
8-th of march
Besides, our daddy looks fabulous with the baby!
For some reason, everybody is crossing Brooklyn bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Well, we decided to go against the stream.
 brooklyn bridge
Have you ever been to Dumbo? it’s a picture-book neighborhood. Lovely. Or maybe it was all about spring…
But birds were singing, children playing… And in addition, fabulous view.
Oh! And Harry Chapin playground is a real strike! It’s actually nothing special. Like any other playground, but the view!
Then our little monster woke up and was demanding food and attention. We had to sit somewhere. But it would be too easy to find closest starbucks, right?
You know, that New York’s pizza is second best in the world? First best is in Sicily, and don’t argue! I’ve been there!
Anyway, Grimaldi’s pizza under the bridge is definitely a place to visit. Order regular Margherita or Marinara and enjoy the taste of Italy.
Also try to learn a few words in Italian in advance, they might come in handy if you want a little discount 😉
And prepare yourself for a long line outside. If you take a baby with you, you might have a chance to avoid it.
Grimaldi's pizza
P.S. A little bonus from Avi. For those to whom it may concern. )
There is no spoon…
IMG_6358 there is no spoon

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