How to pack a Central Park picnic in 10 minutes

Every New Yorker had at least once visited the Eataly NYC Flatiron. 

Amazing coffee, best selection of gourmet Italian food and gelato… oh yes, real Italian gelato the way it should be!

But until now it also have had the longest lines during lunch time. 

The longest lines I’ve ever seen. Because, should I mention, how incredible their lunches are?

Well, from now on no more lines, people! I mean it! 

Eataly NYC Flatiron opened a new Pronto counter.

What’s that?

It’s a counter filled with your favorite pre-crafted foods, ready to be grabbed in seconds. Made very fresh the same day. 

Same quality, same taste, no lines! 

Oh and the most important thing! Self checkout! Yes! Exactly!

I wish they had it for gelato 🙄 

For years now Eataly has been my beloved place. But I had to avoid it when I was with kids. Let’s face it, you can’t make a toddler wait in line even for 20 min. 

But now you can actually come in, grab everything you like and be out of the door in 10 minutes or less. 

How about the menu?

Quite indulgent. Including a huge variety of everyone’s favorite panini and cold pasta salads for your kiddos. Also a great selection of seasonal dishes 🥒

But how can you trust my word for it? See it for yourself. 😋

Dishes featured. 

  1. Panino Prosciutto crudo & mozzarella 
  2. Insalata di Orzo
  3. Insalata Cesare


Join the Pronto spirit!

1. Enter from Fifth Avenue.
2. Grab your choice of the day.
3. Pair with drinks, sides, and desserts.
4. Pay at the self checkout.
5. Enjoy your day.

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