How to have a baby without robbing a bank

They say, that you have to rob a bank to have a child in New York. Yeah, there are a lot of pricy things, that you’ll have to spend money on, anyway. But there are also a lot of things that could, actually, be bought cheaper or even borrowed. Or you might not need them at all.
We learned it the hard way. But you don’t have to. Here are few tips on how to fit the baby on your budget.

1. Crib, changing table, other furniture.

First of all, ask yourself why do you need it. You need it for practical use, or you want it to be a part of interior too. That’s the first step.

For example, we didn’t have any changing tables. I simply don’t use them. It’s not comfortable enough for me. I prefer to do it on the bed. But, if you need one, you can just buy the flat one that can be placed on top of everything. They have if in ikea.


Crib. Your baby can sleep in the bassinet up to 4 month or so. Until he can sit by himself. Buy a crib that can be order keflex online canada converted to toddler bed. And actually you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a bed you’ll be using for a few years! Buy it on Craigslist! Also you can even get it for free. A lot of people get rid of their stuff. And it will be hardly used.

2. Clothes.

How to have a baby without robbing a bank

Do you seriously want to spend $50 on piece of cloth that you’ll be using 3 month max? Come on! Have you ever heard of swap buy crestor online sites? No? It’s just the right time. Here is the full list of these fab websites.

Here is the full list of these fab websites:

3. Stroller.

This thing is a serious investment. It has to be comfortable! Not beautiful, fashionable, trendy and cute, but COMFORTABLE!

First of all, answer few questions.

– are you going to use the stroller with the order keflex online canada car or no (so you will need a carseat that will click connect easily)

– do you want it to be light and easy foldable or it’s not important (so you can easily fold it with one hand, while you’ll be holding your baby with another)

– are you planning to go running (so it has to have big wheels)

We had a bugaboo as a first stroller. But it was too big for me. Ot had huge wheels and was very heavy. In order to fold it I needed two free hands and couple of minutes. Though, it had very nice large wheels!

How to have a baby without robbing a bank

I understood that I need something lighter, smaller and compact. So I’ve made a research and chosen Mountain buggy nano. And guess what, I bought it for $80 through Facebook parenting group.

4. Diapers.

There is always a deal on diapers somewhere. You just need to search for it. And of course it depends on the brand you’ve chosen. As I wrote before, we are into organic natural stuff. So we use the Honest company diapers. Originally they are sold for almost $1 per piece. But I buy them on Ebay. There are a lot of open boxes deals. Just be persistent in your search.


That’s all you need. Basically.


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