Health care, that really cares

Health care, that really cares

Raising a child in New York is stressful enough as it is. With tiny apartments and parks full of germs. Not to mention taking care of your children’s health

Kids get sick, they jump off of stuff and hit their heads, run into things and get hurt. That is all normal. It’s their way of getting acquainted with this huge world. Yet any mother will agree, that no matter how normal it is, we would like if it never happened to our kids.

Unfortunately, pediatricians don’t work 24/7. Most of them go home at 7pm, just like any other office worker. Which means, if something happens at 9pm, you’ll have no other choice but go to the ER. 

Even though we deeply respect the ER doctors, the approach they use is far from personal or fast. 

In other words, if any mom would have an opportunity to avoid a visit to ER, she’ll seize it! 

Behold NYC moms, the opportunity has arrived.  

A new concierge healthcare service is going on the market. Starting on August 22 they will deliver a board certified pediatric professional to your home!

Mon – Thur : 2-10pm

Sunday 10-10pm

115th to 50th streets on both sides of Manhattan. 

We’re not joking here! It’s called the Baby Doctor and it’s going to change our perception of motherhood!


What’s Baby Doctor?

Baby Doctor™ was born when Shachar Golan, a Wall Street professional, and Dr. Dania Rumbak, a critical care pediatrician at Columbia University, discovered how parents struggled to care for their children when their child fell sick.  With the doctor’s office hours typically 8am-4pm and limited availability, parents were left with no good option for a convenient healthcare service. 

Shachar and Dania believed that a more seamless process had to exist. 

Combining their experiences, they came up with a solution to bring the pediatric professional to the parent’s door in just a few easy clicks

How fast?

With an estimated max time of 60 minutes, a health care professional will arrive at your door. Impressive, huh? That’s definitely faster than waiting for an ER doctor to finally get to you. And much more convenient. I mean, just imagine how stressful it is for a sick child to be dragged into an unfamiliar environment. On top of what he or she is already going through. This might even worsen the situation. 

How much?

Parents would pay a flat price of $200 per house call.

With your first house call priced for only $50 with the promo code Mama2016!

This sounds fantastic! 

More good news.

Currently the creators of the Baby Doctor are working on getting insurance providers on board. So stay tuned. 

NYC moms, there is no need to rush to ER every time your little one develops a fever.

The Baby Doctor professionals treat everything from flu like symptoms to rashes and everything in between.

Main photo credit Bonnie Kittle

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