Happy Fake NYE! Netflix saves parents again!

Happy Fake NYE! Netflix saves parents again!

Things to love about New Years Eve as a parent: getting together with friends, having the kids all play together, eating, drinking, celebrating. Things to hate about New Year’s Eve as a parent: having to do all of this before 9pm because if your kids stays up any later, they turns into the most irrationally evil, tantrum throwing, party-poopers. Then you have to wrangle on the jackets and quickly race home to throw them in to bed while they scream about missing the countdown.

Well, the beloved and life-saving Netflix has heard all our parenting woes! They will be streaming not just one, but multiple fake NYE countdowns featuring some of your kids favorite characters. Inspector Gadget, Project MC2, Puffin Rock, Care Bears, and friends from Madagascar will rock your kids into the New Year at whatever time you chose. No fights needed!

After some horn blowing and confetti throwing, enjoy some bottle popping (with milk of course) and off to bed they go! Then let the adult time continue! Pop some even bigger bottles and get ready to enjoy a more adult New Year’s!

Also, Netflix may save New Year’s Day too, entertaining kids with streaming show while parents nurse their hangovers. Literally the best $8 a month ever spent!

Here’s to 2016!!

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