Good bye, legend

Good bye, legend.

My Facebook feed is full of David. He truly was is a legend. I won’t tell how much he meant for the world of music. It’s been said enough for the past 2 days.

Just imagine a boy born in the Soviet Union. That boy once fell in love with the sound he heard. We had that old Japanese audio player. Our dad brought it from Japan. That time, people didn’t actually have an opportunity to get those things freely. By the way that Sanyo still works, you know.

So, one thing was to get the player, another thing was to get the cassette. We had one. It was a very bad quality copy, that some had recorded for us. The Diamond dogs. There was nothing like it. That little boy was shocked and thrilled. He had never heard anything like this before. And from that day, he followed the music… all the way through CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s and live concerts… He learned to play guitar, he learned to sing… And later on, he realized, that there is nothing you can’t do. There is no such thing as impossible.

That little boy is my brother.


What I want to say is, it’s not only about the music. It’s about the power that person has. The power to influence other people’s lives.

Together we say:

bye bye, Ziggy. And Thank you for the music!

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