Exploring New York. Kids friendly Bryant Park.

Finding a place in the city, where you can chill out with your kids is a challenge. And I don’t mean a playground or any specialized place.

Parks are usual overcrowded with freelancers and their notebooks, who just hate you and your little trouble-makers.

Every time your child laughs, screams or do anything a little bit louder, than total zen, those people will give you that look. 

I’m so tired of constantly feeling myself guilty, when I go to any public place.

I bet all of you, mommies, at least once have been there. 

Thus, I decided to find all child friendly public places. Where you can come, enjoy yourself as an adult, while your child is having fun.

One of those spectacular places is Bryant Park.

Huge (though it’s not Central Park) lawn right in the heart of it is perfect for playing, buy premarin online crawling and goofing around.

what-to-do-in-bryant-park what-to-do-in-bryant-park

They also have a carrousel, which I’m totally in love with. It’s way too cute. And only $3 per ride.


I loved it)

Avi was terrified. But the way he started to cuddle. Awww.) Love those moments.

Here comes the best part. Little library for children. It’s absolutely AMAZING. They have a very cool collection of books. Not just a regular junk.


They have tons of activities.

Which are absolutely FREE of charge. Ping pong, chess, yoga class, art class, language classes, concerts and my favorite FILM FESTIVAL.

I’m in love with this idea of watching you favorite film out in buy prednisone canada online the open. So romantic.

You can find a full schedule here.

Oh, they also make a very good coffee. Better than Sturbucks 


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