Exploring New York. Governors Island

To guarantee you a perfect weekend, we continue to check the places to go.

Governors Island is picturesque tiny place just 800 yards away from Manhattan and even closer to Brooklyn.

Being used as a military base for almost two centuries, it was fully open to the public in 2014.

Here is how you get there.

First of all,this is officially the best view on Manhattan.

vscocam-photo-1And from here it looks so little, which reminds you, that it actually is an island.

Open space packed with all kinds of entertainment you can only imagine.

Here you can just rest in the shade of trees, hang out exploring cute houses, which were once inhabited by soldiers and officers.


Or rent a bike! Avi loved it! I bet he did. He was chilling in amazing child trailer with his fiancé, while daddy was slaving as rickshaw man and getting his butt fit.


You can have a picnic right by the cutest playground I’ve ever seen yet.

It’s a real piece of art. Literally. You can see signs with artist’s names all over the place. I think it’s amazing. Cool way to teach your kid what modern art is.



You can also find sculptures and installations all over the island. Which is cute. It’s like a quest for kids to find them.

vscocam-photo-1They also have a mini golf for children. I’m not really sure how edutainment is it, but it definitely is fun a lot of fun.

If you want something more developmental, they have a huge construction toy made of soft blocks. It’s so cool, I’d play it myself. Children love it!


In addition they have a bunch of festivals and events going on almost every weekend.

We were lucky enough to catch 10th annual jazz age lawn party.


It was amazing! What more can I say.

The lawn was crowded with stylish tricksy people. Delicious treats were served.


And if you, accidentally forgot to dress up like you came from 20-th, there was a shop, which could totally save you.

vscocam-photo-2And all this to the accompaniment of marvelous and magical jazz…


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