Exploring New york.

What I love about this city (apart from Starbucks, Chinese food, ocean, people and atmosphere) is ability to choose a place to live, that is suitable for even very demanding need.

Whether you like contemporary buildings and modern neighborhoods or beautiful old homes made from history itself.

As you might remember, originally we are from Europe. From that part of Europe, where people live in architectural monuments and walk along the streets, which are hundreds of years old.

Just a quick reminder. That’s Kiev.




Thus, once we started to explore Brooklyn, I fell in love with very european streets of Park Slope. 

First of all, it’s calmness gives you harmony. Shady spacious tree-lined streets and wide sunny avenues look like you are having a walk in the park.

And those incredible buildings in Victorian style, make you feel like you are walking through the streets of London.

Brooklyn-park-slope Brooklyn-park-slope


We are in love with this fabulous neighborhood.



That’s definitely the place to live. Especially if you have kids. Plus, there is a huge Prospect park five (may be 15. It depends) minutes walk.

Park slope is a family neighborhood. While strolling around it’s relaxing and quiet streets, you might notice a lot of children and couples with babies. And that’s definitely a huge plus.

Though, the prices for real estate are high (very high), this place is definitely worth paying for. And those amazing houses are the wonderland of finials, pinnacles, pediments, towers, turrets, bay windows, stoops, and porticoes. And don’t forget very creative owners of this beauty.



It’s not just a place to live, it’s a lifestyle, that you’re paying for.

Park slope is also known for it’s amazing food coop. The best place to buy healthy organic food. Really the best.


Prospect Park

This park is a gem of the neighborhood. Enormous, fresh and unthinkably amazing. It has a lot to offer even for the pickiest person (like our little boy).

How about a picnic on the lawn?Brooklyn-park-slope


Or a bicycle ride?



Or observing the wild life on the bank of the pond? By the way, they do have a Zoo in the park too.



And the cherry on top is the water playground. Roomy space with water fountains and laughing kids running around. Pure delight. Brooklyn-park-slope


Well, you should see it yourself)


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