Every mom’s beauty guide in the City

Every mom has to have some quality beauty time once in a while. I’d say at least once a week.

As every second of your mommy time is absolutely precious, we’ve decided to find some places, that are really worth visiting or things, that are really with purchasing.

And we also tested them. So don’t worry. Make your appointments and orders and enjoy!

1. Juvly 

When it comes to rejuvenation, these guys, are true pro!

Using cutting edge technology, newest approaches and only the best products, their highly qualified doctors will help you to get aimed results.

But these are just words. Why don’t I share with you my own experience?

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You know a true professional when you see the result of her work. Dr. Elithabeth Gokalp is one of a kind.

An artist born to bring up on the surface hidden inner beauty. And together with endless possibilities that Juvly granted her, they make a perfect combination!


2. KryoLife

You’ve probably heard of cryotherapy before. But never had a chance or felt necessity to try it.

Me too. But, I had to check it out for you, buy sildenafil online mommies. So, while I was freezing my butt off at the cryosauna somewhere between -184?F and -292?F, I managed to ask some questions.

Basically, what it does, it brings your body into survival mode during the session. The session is from 1.5 to 3 minutes long (depends on you). Once you are out, your body starts to speed up all the processes. Including blood circulation, production of collagen and endorphins. It dramatically enhances the oxygen supply as well. Get prepared to feel happier. It’s better than chocolate!


Anticipating your question – test it helps to fight cellulite! Even better than manual massage.

3. Repechage C-serum

Repechage is a professional beauty brand, a child of Lydia Sarfati (yes, yes, the same Lydia, who introduced the Four Layer Facial).

The C-serum is not just a tribute to latest “sea infused” trend. It’s years of professional research. And it’s also one working tool, that everyone can afford!

Have you heard all that buzz about GLOWING skin? Well, these thing definitely makes your skin GLOW! After just a week of everyday use, I can definitely recommend the C-serum.

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