Breathtaking beauty-fitness event for moms in NYC

New York is an amazing city. But I’ve probably already mentioned it like a thousand times, right? You can never be bored, if you live in New York.

Though, being a new mom or a mom to be in The Big Apple can be really challenging. Well, actually it’s hard anywhere. But New York has so much to offer, that sometimes you can get lost in possibilities.

It’s vital to find a specialist, a professional and the right approach that will suit you. This weekend I found my girls! Two incredible doctors, who are just for me!

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, two high profile doctors- celebrity Podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal and Urban Wellness Clinic CEO/Chiropractor to the stars Dr. Emily Kiberd, were giving moms an inside look into how to remain fabulous (pre-during-post) pregnancy. This great collaboration gave birth to very informative and extremely interesting event!


Everything you wanted to know about pregnancy, but were always afraid (uncomfortable) to ask. Pregnancy and post pregnancy unplugged! And even more than that. A chance to meet other mommies just like yourself. Having same questions, experiencing same problems and going through the same experience. Priceless!

We also got some Fitness tips for moms!

Meditation and exercises. Breathing exercises. Prenatal yoga from The Urban Wellness clinic. And absolutely special barefoot strong workout from Dr. Emily Splichal, that turned my world upside down.


Did you know that our feet are literally the base of our health? Back pain, headache, irregular periods and much more can be easily treated by a 15 minutes workout every day.

Better and healthier snacks for mommies.


And gift bags full of goodness!


Let’s hope that Emily & Emily will make it a regular thing.


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